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The Set Menu includes 1 Starter, 1 Mid Course , 1 Main Dish and 1 Dessert as follow
The Set Menu will be applied for the whole table


Tropical Siika or The Trinity

Or Beet The Cremeux

Mid Course

Riisi de Terre Or Mossudon

Main Cours

Ducking Dope! or Kala-oke

Or Cele-ry-action


Flank under ice or I-Mush-Scream



Beef on Raw Quartz

Vietnamese fusion beef tartare with salted egg yolk cream and crystal quartz



The Trinity

Beef tataki with Grape Salsa and Mango Ginger Emulsion


Tropical Siika

Cured white fish, Watermelon x Guava broth, Basil oil and Jalapeño.


Beet The Crémeux (V)

Jerusalem Artichoke Crémeux, Roasted Beetroot With Green Curry Sauce and Lemon Balm Oil



Piggie ft. W.Melon (G)

Bulgogi Iberico pork with grilled watermelon and kimchi glaze


Popcorn COD

Tempura COD, Spicy Milky Sauce, "Mắc khén" peppercorn, lime leaf


Riisi De Terre

Fried Vietnamese Rice Flour Cake with Umami Coconut Sauce, Radish & Carrot Salad with Cured Egg Yolk, Fried Onion Puree and Black Garlic Emulsion


Mossudon (G)

Udon With Karppi style Gado-Gado and Crispy Chili Oil


Ducking Dope!

Duck Breast, Crispy ginger, Cherry Gel, Shiitake With Tamarin-Beef Jus and Lime-Grass Oil



Catch Of The Day, Edamame Puree With Rhubarb Beurre Blanc And Kombu Oil


Cele-ry-action (V)

Celeriac Katsu, "Bio Puree", Cucumber Salad, With Cherry Gel And "Ssamjang" Sauce.



Flank Under Ice

Vietnamese Flan with Lychee & Elderflower Granita and Cherry Jam


I-Mush-Scream (V)

Shiitake & Hojicha Ice Cream With Poached Rhubarb, Soil From House Made Chocolate, Fermented Strawberry Crisp And Pine Needle Broth


V: Vegan

L: Contains Lactose

G: Contains Gluten

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