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The Set Menu includes 1 Appetizer, 1 Cold Dish, 2 Warm Dishes and 1 Main Dish as follow
The Set Menu will be applied for the whole table


Tropical Siika (G)

Cold Dish

Diving Scallop

Warm Dishes

Cauli-Brain (V)

Quack-It-Up (G)

Main Dish

Udon The Scallop (G)



Bit-A-Bite 2.0 (G)

Pickled Roasted Shimeji, Wild herb emulsion, Vegan Truffle Mayo, Crispy Shiso leaf


Beef on Raw Quartz

Vietnamese fusion beef tartare with salted egg yolk cream and crystal quartz


Up All Night

Fresh Oyster, Pickled Shallot, Trout Roe, Wasabi Radish, Jalapeño, Shiso Oil




Beef tataki with Thai chimichurri, kumquat gel and coconut Crème fraîche


Diving Scallop

Scallop Tataki With Coconut Yeast Sauce, Coriander Oil, Ashes Oil, Roasted Plum Puree, Black Root Chips, Rehydrated Pink Peppercorn In Beet Dashi


Tropical Siika (G)

Cured white fish, Watermelon x Guava broth, Basil oil and Jalapeño.



Corn-nichiwa (V,G)

Stir-fried corn with dried tomato, tofu and miso butter foam


"Moldy" Broccoli (V)

Crispy broccoli with fermented broccoli sauce


K.F.C (Karppi Fried Chicken)

Crispy lollipop chicken with salty tomato jam


Piggie ft. W.Melon (G)

Bulgogi Iberico pork with grilled watermelon and kimchi glaze


Udon The Scallop (G)

Udon with Dashi Beurre Blanc and Pan-seared Scallop, cured Trout Roe, Umeboshi powder


Popcorn COD

Tempura COD, Spicy Milky Sauce, "Mắc khén" peppercorn, lime leaf


Cauli-Brain (V)

Crispy Cauliflower With Tom Kha Flavored Cauliflower' Steam Emulsion, Pickled Daikon in Sea Buckthorn and House made Furikake


Quack-it-Up! (G)

Pan Seared Duck Breast With Fermented Bean Curd Sauce, Lime-Grass Oil, Mint Pesto And Pickled Mustard Seeds



Choco-laka-laka (G)

Dark chocolate Nakelaka, Green cardamom crumble, Poached Rhubarb, Meringue


V: Vegan

L: Contains Lactose

G: Contains Gluten

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